Con posibilidad de realizarlas en el marco de Erasmus+Quercus (Erasmus prácticas):


We would like to inform you about the opportunity for multiple internship applications from 6 to 12 months available at our company for 2021.

We work with a handful of partner organizations who are in the same office building: we are one united team, a mix of interns and employees. Our organization is focused mainly on Online Marketing and Ecommerce and looking for highly motivated and talented students.

  • Every internship program at our organization integrates personal and professional development together with professional responsibility.

  • The intern has access to many courses, business libraries, and training.

  • We also provide for some of the internships a full-time job opportunity.

  • Interns also get a bonus between € 600,- and € 1200,- next to their Erasmus grant.

  • Our internships are eligible for Erasmus or any other grants in your country.

  • We speak only English and do international business.

Here is the list of our ongoing applications:

  1. Ecommerce Online Marketing Manager – EU Job Opportunities

  2. Product Research – International / EU

  3. Human Resources – International /EU

  4. Customer Service – EU

  5. Graphic Design – International / EU

  6. Video Editor/Producer – International / EU

  7. Finance Specialist – International / EU

  8. Legal Specialist – EU / Dutch

  9. Web/ Developer – International / EU Job Opportunities


You can find these applications also on our website: